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We need your help!

We will be using our entire stock of material to produce

as many of these guards as possible. Unfortunately, we are

a small business and do not have unlimited supplies.

This where you can help.


Spread the word!

Reach out to your  friends, family, and entire network to spread awareness of the Covid-19 Guard. Let our efforts and needs be know to we can protect ourselves and our community.



In our donations tab, you can find a way to contribute and help our cause. All donations will be used in purchasing materials and help with Nurse and Doctor care kits. 




We will set up distributions in different locations. Local pickups and shipping will be available. We will keep you updated on locations and dates. Thank you for your patience.



Thank you all and together we will fight the spread of Covid-19

In our attempts to reduce the spread of the Covid-19, no matter how big or small, our team has come together to help fight against this pandemic. We want to first thank all those who are stepping in and assisting wherever and however they can during such a time. It is really uplifting to see the community unite and restore faith in humanity. To all those that are creating ways to improve this situation, whether it is face guards, ventilators, mask, or even the spread of happiness through your network, your work is not left unnoticed. Now lets continue to move forward with all this in mind and come out of this best way we can, together!


Covid-19 Guard

We need to protect ourselves and our workers. No matter where you go, one thing is constant in essential businesses, companies are trying to develop different ideas to create protection from their client interactions. This is where we want to focus our efforts.


We have created the Covid-19 guard. A universal- multi-functional sneeze guard that can be installed in almost all application. No matter what the height or design, this guard will fit and work out perfectly. 


In the occasion that our guard is unfitting for your application, please let us know and we can conceptualize and produce a product that will best work for you!



We have created a design that allows us to produce 8 guards out of two sheets of material and be completely

constructed using only velcro. The materials that are needed are plywood, acrylic/ lexan sheets, and velcro. See installation video.

Target Demographic:

Small business

Local Grocery stores



Target unit production- 1,000- 2,000


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